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Zambia Report

Our survey report on Early Child Education in Zambia.
Project Impact Report, Early Childhood Education

This survey report provides an assessment of the inclusiveness of Early Childhood Education (ECE) in Zambia for children with disabilities to determine the extent to which ECE is inclusive and accessible for children with disabilities.

About this report

Despite strong evidence globally supporting the fundamental importance of Early Childhood Education (ECE) for all children to support their functional development and lay the foundations of learning, many children with disabilities are rejected by government ECE services.

Able Child Africa and our Network Member, Zambia Association for Parents of Children with Disabilities (ZAPCD), worked together to identify gaps for learners with disabilities with the aim of designing relevant programs that specifically address these gaps.

The survey report outlines findings that establish general perceptions and understanding of the state of play of inclusive ECE in Zambia. It further assesses existing policies and frameworks on inclusive ECE in Zambia, the extent to which ECE is available, and outlines gaps and opportunities.

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