We have been working in Uganda since 1984 , supporting children with disabilities and their families to fulfil their potential.

Uganda Society for Disabled Children

Uganda Society for Disabled Children

Uganda Society for Disabled Children (USDC) is committed to recognising and equalising the rights of children with disabilities in Uganda.

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Many people living with disabilities in Uganda continue to face stigma and discrimination, and in northern Uganda, 80% of people with disabilities were identified as living in chronic poverty.

We are trying to change this.

In the last five years...


Teachers Trained

We have trained 1,867 teachers in child-to-child approaches for disability inclusive learning.


Parents Registered

We have registered 4,203 parents of children with disabilities into parent support groups.


Children Enrolled

We have supported 1,899 children with disabilities to enrol into mainstream inclusive education.

What we are proud of

We are very proud of our collaboration with the Ministry of Education and other large organisations in Uganda to develop the teachers resource book for 'Inclusive Education in Uganda: The Child-to-Child Approach'. Through our partner, USDC, we have partnered with the Ugandan government to develop and test the guide in three northern Ugandan districts prior to a national roll-out. Through this partnership, we have participated in high level conversations on how the teacher’s guide links to Uganda's wider Inclusive Education policy, particularly examining the existing gaps in early identification systems and learning outcomes of children with disabilities in school.


Luke's Story

Luke was born blind, and for the first 5 years of his life never left his mother's side. He was completely dependent and attached and couldn’t develop any communication skills.

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Together, we can transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable children.

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