We like to think we are a small charity making a big impact . We like being small. It means we are agile, able to adapt, and most importantly, it means we are able to provide value for money to all our donors.

How we spend your money?

We work as hard as we can to ensure that as much money as possible goes to where it is needed most. That is why we do not have our own offices and staff on the ground. It is also why we believe in our partnership model, that puts local ownership at the heart of what we do. We do spend some money here in the UK because we believe we have value to add; but it is our responsibility to prove to you that we have a role to play, using our expertise built up over 35 years to support local organisations to improve the lives of children and young people with disabilities.

We hope and believe there will be a time when we do not need to exist but for now, local organisations are severely underfunded and under-resourced and so we play a key role supporting local partners to protect, educate and empower children with disabilities so they are able to fulfil their potential.

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