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Child Support Tanzania

Child Support Tanzania provides early childhood education for children with disabilities in Mbeya , south-west Tanzania.

Child Support Tanzania (CST) has a disability-inclusive education center for early years children, it is the only center of its kind within a 1500-km radius and without it, the students it reaches would otherwise have no formal early educational opportunities.

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In the absence of quality state education for children with disabilities, CST offers a vital service to children and their families, whilst also aiming to bring about wider scale change through government advocacy and training of neighbouring primary schools.

CST also supports and empowers parents through its parent support groups and uses a Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) approach to mobilize individuals within the community to help them challenge the barriers faced by their children with disabilities.

Working with Aberdeen Standard Investments

Working with Aberdeen Standard Investments

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CST has been a partner of Able Child Africa since 2008 and was one of the founding members of the Able Child Africa Network. CST has grown significantly over the past 10 years and now serves children with hearing and visual impairments, learning difficulties and physical challenges. Able Child Africa supported CST through their registration process, establishing their governance procedures and supporting the development of their first five-year strategic plan (2013-2017), entitled ‘Children First’.

The financial capacity building from Able Child Africa has brought CST to a new level. At the start of the journey, we were managing finances on paper. Now, we have electronic financial systems that we understand, and procedures in place to manage the financial risk of the organisation.

– Noelah Msuya, Director at CST

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