Changing the lives of children with disabilities in Africa through education.

By developing inclusive education projects that support children with disabilities to access mainstream education alongside their peers, we improve the educational outcomes for children with disabilities.

Child to Child Inclusive Education

Child to Child Inclusive Education

Across the world, over 90% of children with disabilities do not attend school. To tackle this problem in Uganda, we teamed up with our partners USDC, to implement an Inclusive Education Project using an innovative Child to Child approach.

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We have been working in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda to change the lives of children with disabilities through education


Children Enrolled

Giving children with disabilities access to education so they can reach their full potential.


Teachers Trained

Providing inclusive education training for teachers so children with disabilities are better able to learn.


Schools Modified

Making schools more accessible for children with disabilities to break down the barriers to their education.

How you can make a difference

90% of children with disabilities never receive any education of any kind. £25 can help run a parent support group tackling stigma in the community to ensure no child is excluded from school.



Juliet's Story

Juliet is a bright, bubbly, confident thirteen-year old.  She also has hydrocephalus and low vision. Her parents initially found it very hard to come to terms with their daughter’s disability and influenced by stigma and shame, didn’t send Juliet to school.

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Other ways we make an impact

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