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The Action Foundation

The Action Foundation (TAF) have a vision of a fully inclusive Africa where children, women, and girls with disabilities can realize their full potential.

The Action Foundation improve the quality of life for children, women, and girls with disabilities through programs covering their entire lifecycle, from early years, adolescence, and adulthood. TAF believe in a world where children, women, and girls with disabilities live free from violence, exploitation, and discrimination and have equal opportunities to succeed.

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TAF’s interventions catalyse access to health, education, and economic empowerment through direct service provision and strengthening the capacity of existing education, health systems, and networks. They empower caregivers, teachers and institutions to nurture and support children, women and girls with disabilities to reach their full potential.

Over the years, TAF’s work has grown from providing direct service to a small group of schools, parents, and children with disabilities to widened social impact through creative empowerment, advocacy, and capacity-building initiatives in Kenya. They partner with corporates, local and regional institutions, national and county governments, and agencies because they recognize the essential role of collaboration and co-creation in yielding sustainable outcomes.

Able Child Africa have been working with The Action Foundation since 2023, who were one of the founding members of the Able Child Africa Network in 2023. Together, Able Child Africa and TAF will provide a platform to enter international arenas that may not be available to single organizations, to ensure that the needs of children with disabilities take centre stage at a global level.

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