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Action Network for the Disabled

Action Network for the Disabled’s mission is to advance and advocate for equal opportunities for young people with disabilities, through promoting proactive social and economic participation.

Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY) is dedicated to achieving equality, inclusion and empowerment of young people with disabilities in Kenya and seeks to mainstream them into all aspects of daily life. ANDY’s work focuses mainly at the grassroots level, where they operate to reach and raise the voices of children and young people with disabilities at a national and international level.

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ANDY advocate for equal opportunities through promoting proactive social and economic participation and involving young people with disabilities in development and decision-making processes. Key areas of focus include education, employment, health, sport and fitness, HIV/AIDS awareness, economic empowerment and the right to vote/participate in Government.

ANDY began a partnership with Able Child in 2007 and were one of the founding members of the Able Child Africa Network in 2023. Our early projects together included strategic organisational development for ANDY’s youth advocacy work with children with disabilities in Nairobi and a sport for inclusive livelihoods project that worked with Paralympians to design an inclusive sports program for young people with disabilities. 

Working towards a common vision over the last 10 years, our journey with Able Child Africa has seen us reach greater heights and enabled us to impact more children.

– Sharon N’Dungu, Director at Action Network for the Disabled

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